Martial Arts  / Self Defense Weight loss that works 

At our Academy we strive to be more than just a punch and kick activity.

We are always looking for ways to enhance your  learning.  You will receive a full curriculum that helps to develop you socially, cognitively and of course physically.

Our character education programme invites you to listen, share, discover and reflect on ways to become upstanding members of our community and be confident in your own right, thus giving the strength to explore and the foundation to succeed.

 pick which class suits you best get in touch and we will book you in at a convenient time.  

Let’s work together to help you achieve your personal best.

Any More questions ? feel FREE to call us



Mondays 6.30pm West End LE673LB
Thursdays 6.30pm Hally LE672FP
Saturdays 12.30pm Lough LE114PG

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